Our aim is to formulate and create a building which meets our clients needs. We do this by communicating with our client and determining their aspirations. We have developed expertise in the real of optioneering. We strive to achieve customer satisfaction with every project we are involved in.


Volta-group is a provider of mechanical and electrical engineering consultancy. We are able to offer full in-house design solutions for mechanical and electrical engineering projects, from conceptional and master design planning through to detailed design, providing a complete services package.

Our highly skilled and experienced building services engineers offer substantial expertise and innovation, successfully delivering a wide range of projects.

 From the start of a project, our engineers provide a collaborative design experience working with the design team. We take a client’s ideas and bring them to life by designing the building correctly, meeting time constraints and ensuring that the budget is not exceeded. Our design excellence is complimented by our knowledge and experience


Our extensive experience has taught us that building requirements change. A building design is almost a living entity which grows and changes as the process is followed. To this end we have developed our design process to enhance our clients journey in building development. Whilst we model all of our designs, our journey starts much sooner than that.

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